Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Team is Formed

The Participating Youths of the 37th SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent has been confirmed.

The National Leader is Mr Desmond Boey (SPY 1990)

Boey Tien Cheong Desmond

National Leader

Cheng Yu Hua

Cheok Wee Boon

Dayanaa Tahir

Dewi Nuradi Suhadi

Fong Jin Yi Jeane

Fong Yoong Kheong

How Jia Le

Khamsiah Bte Yusoff

Lee Sin Yan

Lim Jia Lin Vania

Mah Wei Siang

Muhammad Fairuz Bin Abdul Wahab

Muhammad Sherefudin Bin Jamal

Nurhafizah Bte Mustafar

Parveen Banu Abu Hanifah

Rehana Bte Mahzam

Jed Senthil K Jivaraju

Siti Fatimah Bte Muhammah Tahir

Soon Bee Siang Sherry

Tan Chek Ming Jonathan

Tan Jia Jun Ethel

Tan Jun Yi

Tan Si Jie

Tan Zhi Aun

Xie Fan He Patrick

Yeap Liu Feng Priscilla

Zulaikha Surip

Zhang Li Juan Rheea


  1. June 17th, 19:46
    Dear All SPYs

    Starting thinking & design out one unique & special logo for our Singapore contingent 2010.

    Individual or group effort work is welcome.

    Send your logo to by 25Jun2010 (Fri) 1800 hours Singapore time.

  2. Dear all SPYs

    Today is 18Jun2010 (Friday), you have 12 days to submit your documents to NYC... Please submit early if possible... There are more other things coming up soon.. So better settle this matter first before we move on to another items...

    Stay connected always!

  3. Dear SPYs

    Today 20Jun2010, we received one contingent logo design from 1 PY already. Thank you...

    Please continue to submit your design.....

  4. Dear all SPYs

    Today 21 June 2010 (Monday).. you have only 9 days to due date to submit all the necessary documents to NYC. Have you done so?

    Please do not submit over the due date. This will cause incomveniences to them.

    Thank you.

  5. Dear all SPYs 2010

    Today is 27 Jun 2010 (Sun). You have only 3 days more (to 30 Jun 10) to submit all your necessary documents to NYC, especially the 3 foster families recommendation & CV.

    Please write to us if you can't fulfill all the documents submission.

    Thank you.


  6. Dear all SPYs

    The Singapore contingent logo design submission is closed now.

    There are a total of 18 entries received.

    1. Kamasiah - 1 entry
    2. Jun Yi - 1 entry
    3. Sherefudin - 1 entry
    4. Shere - 1 entry
    5. Priscilla - 1 entry
    6. Sin Yan - 3 entries
    7. Kelvin - 2 entries (friend of SPY)
    8. Rheea - 2 entries
    9. Yu Hua - 2 entries
    10. Vania - 4 entries

    Thank you for your contribution. We shall choose one unique logo for our special btach!