Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2nd Residential PDT - Sleeping Beauties

Rise and Shine to a brand new day of INSPIRATION. The date was 22 August 2010 and just a few hours ago, we were enjoying our Prata Supper. Wondered if the delicious prata had been fully digested.

Our Muslim friends woke up early for Mac Breakfast at 4.30am and did their prayers before they fast for the day.

After flag-raising and the singing of the National Anthem, the Sports & Club Activity Committee led us into practising our Gangway Cheer!

For those of you scratching your head, trying to guess what Gangway is. Let me help you! Gangway refers to the temporary bridge from a ship. It is the flight of stairs that lead from the ship to the ground surface.

At every port of call, SSEAYP Participating Youths (PYs) would do their contingent gangway cheers when they are dismounting from the ship.

The discussion groups continued with the other 4 topics.

Environment (Climate Change) discussion facilitated by Si Jie:

Cross Cultural Understanding Promotion discussion facilitated by Dayanaa:

Food Culture/Food & Nutrition Education discussion facilitated by Rehana:

And last but not least, I facilitated the discussion on Corporate Social Contribution:

Lots of ideas were generated during the discussion. Different perspectives coming from youth leaders of different backgrounds certainly helped buzzed up the thinking process.

One Discussion Clap!

SSEAYP International Singapore President Mr William Cheong also joined us for the discussion segment. He also shared with us regarding some home stay matters.

Knowing that it is his birthday, our team prepared a birthday surprise for him!

Lunch time provided a good opportunity for some of us to catch some sleep. Let's catch a glimpse of our Sleeping Beauties:

Fizah: "I'm waiting for my Prince to come!"

Patrick: "I have my headphones ready. Nobody shall disrupt my Sweet Dreams!"

Si Jie: "Based on my Scouting experience, always bring along your sleeping bag!"

Fairuz: "Even when I'm asleep, I wear SSEAYP country flags near my heart!"

At times, sleeping beauties make good scenes for tourists to take photos:

Taking a power nap gives you energy to accomplish more things such as... committee-at-work sessions.

And we were joined by SPY 2007, who came to support us and share some pointers with us!

Before we call it a day, everyone participated in a trust-building activity.

Everyone getting into position for the formidable task:

Jonathan: "I should have slept during lunchtime!"

The Awake Beauties

Jeane: "I can always sense the camera. Be it in front of me...

Jeane: "... or above me!"

Then we gave our complete trust to our team mates in front and behind us. We sat down!

Vania: "Chill, girls! I can even do it handsfree!"

Rehana: "Now I can fully appreciate how a sandwich feels!"

The all-so-familiar finger (recall how Jonathan got Taupoked) .

"Shucks! I see ants coming our way!"

Wei Siang: "Heng ah [read Luckily] ! Ants going that way!"

Jeane: "Told ya! I can see the camera!"

Just as we thought we had completed a feat by being able to sit down, we were asked to let go of our hands!

Dewi: "Reminds me of Titanic. I'm flying, Zatan!"

And if you wondering about my expression when I'm typing this blog. Yes, this is it!

Yay! We don't need chairs anymore!