Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing our Solidarity Groups from Singapore Contingent

Note: The following video was recorded prior to the National Leaders Meeting. During the meeting, there were some changes made to the Solidarity Group (SG) groupings.

During the SSEAYP programme, all the 300+ PYs would be divided into 11 groups, called "Solidarity Groups" (SGs) with letter names from A to K.

SGs comprise PYs with similar ratio of males and females from each contingent. The SG functions as the basic unit for activities both on board Fuji Maru and during institutional visits.

The confirmed SG Grouping:

SG A: Yoong Kheong, Parveen, Ethel
SG B: Jiale, Dayanaa, Jun Yi
SG C: Wei Siang, Dewi
SG D: Jed, Sin Yan, Priscilla
SG E: Jonathan, Vania
SG F: Fairuz, Jeane
SG G: Weiwen, Yu Hua, Sherry
SG H: Zatan, Rehana
SG I: Shere, Khamsiah (Kid)
SG J: Sijie, Fizah, Rheea
SG K: Patrick, Siti, Ika

17th Weekday PDT - Star Wars

It is 23 September 2010 and some of us met up early in the afternoon to do some preparatory work at the Singapore Management University. 

Star Wars Troopers were also here to assist us.

A day before, some of us also got our measurements taken for our Attire C1 at the CYC Custom Shop at Raffles Hotel.

At 7.30pm, SPY10s resumed our cultural practice at the People's Association Headquarters Building.

At the start of each Pre-Departure Training session, our Contingent Secretary Sherry would be taking the attendance of SPY10s.

Sherry: "Be nice to me or I cross you out!"

Little Girl: "I also want to go on board Fuji Maru."

After the cultural practice, the Logistics Committee distributed some of the collected collaterals to the contingent.

"Lelong lelong (means Sale in English)!"

Jeane: "Yay! Shopping therapy!"

As the days leading to SSEAYP gets nearer and deadlines are approaching, everyone is feeling the heat...

Zatan: "How to get sponsors?"

Ika: "Erm... are you listening to me?"

Dewi: "Why is everyone around me stoning?"

Siti: "I'm having a sweet daydream...

... because of my STRAWBERRY!"

Amidst the hefty workload, SPY10s will still bring JOY to one another...

Vania: "Well, always look on the bright side of life~"

"Many different small cloths can also be made into a shirt!" -- Zatan's shirt tailor

Round 1: Fizah vs Ika. Fight!

Sin Yan: "Behind every sporty and fun Buddy, there's a pretty other."

Weiwen: "Yay! Finally a photo without me with ......."

Jeane: "I look cool right?"

YK/Yuhua: "Jeane, we take you on!"

Discussion Committee Ladies: "We are the girls with Brains!"

Zatan: "Welcome to the Light Side"

The Dark Side has Fallen...

Monday, September 27, 2010

16th Weekday PDT - Birthday Kisses

It is 21 September 2010 and we are about 3 weeks to our Pre-Departure Concert, where we'll be presenting our cultural performance (that will be showcased to our fellow PYs from other countries) to our families, friends, ex-SPYs, nominating organisations as well as our sponsors and supporters.

Siti: "World Peace starts with great music!"

Sherry: "World Peace starts with great snacks!"

Fizah: "World Peace begins with a cheerful smile... and a headband necklace!"

Khamsiah: "Oh! Not 'World Peace' again... Let's just start our practice!"

Siti, Performing Arts Committee Secretary, began the briefing on the performance segment:

Fairuz: "Hmmm, it intrigues my soul..."

Khamsiah: "And mine too!"
Fairuz: "Copycat..."

Meanwhile, Yuhua, Parveen and Jed are leading the practice for another segment:

Jonathan: "Coffee and Beauty go together well."

Ethel: "Thanks for the compliment!"

Hostage Crisis?

Sijie: "Hehehe... I like hostage scenes"

YK: "Jonathan, the coffee's good!"

Wei Siang: "I am enjoying my performance role!"

Rehana: "Dayung Sampan..."

Real Ninja forgets her mask

Priscilla: "These two statues look artistic!"

Jed: "Hmmm, that was distracting!"

As usual, we had an overall debrief done by Performing Arts Committee Chairman Sherefudin:

After that, we celebrated Weiwen's birthday!

Weiwen: "I wish tonight's gonna be a good good night!"

Weiwen: "Argh! I don't mean this!"

Weiwen: "Well, it could have been better if I only had the right one."

Happy Birthday to Weiwen!