Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sports & Club Activity Committee

Fuji Maru leaves Thailand for Indonesia!

During our Pre-Departure Training sessions, the Sports & Club Activity Committee conducts sports, teach us on new wacky cheers, and introduce various club activities to us. Club Activities on board Fuji Maru aim to promote spontaneous communication among the PYs in pursuit of their common hobbies and interests. 

During SSEAYP, there is a Club Activity Sub-Committee, comprising 33 members: one Participating Youth (PY) from each contingent and 2 PYs from each Solidarity Group (SG). The Club Activity Sub-Committee shall decide the following matters and manage its operation:

  • To decide the numbers of the clubs to be set up as well as the time schedule and their activities, based on the applications submitted by PYs.
  • To reserve the room/place for each club activity.
  • To design the procedure of the final presentation given by each club.

Fizah will represent the Singapore Contingent in the Sub-Committee.

And introducing these sporty peepz from the Singapore Contingent's Sports & Club Activity Committee:

Khamsiah, Fizah (Chairperson), Fairuz (Secretary)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sawadee Thailand!

Fuji Maru berths at Bangkok Port, Thailand.

In the afternoon, Participating Youths (PYs) made a Courtesy Call on Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre. PM Abhisit also hosted PYs to a Welcome Dinner.

SPY10s look forward to the Institutional Visits tomorrow with their respective Solidarity Groups (SG).

SG-A,B,C will visit The Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple, and Klong Pittayalongkor School
SG-D,E,F will visit the National Science Museum and Sai Panya Rangsit School
SG-G,H,I will visit the Vimanmek Mansion and Patai Udom Suksa School
SG-J,K will visit Museum Siam and Tep Leela School

SPY10s will then go for their homestay matching at Bangkok Metropolitan Youth Centre after our Institutional Visits!

Youth Leader Zatan will join all other Youth Leaders, the Administrator as well as National Leader of Lao P.D.R to visit Vientiane, Lao P.D.R. They will make a Courtesy Call on H.E. Khamphanh Sitthidapha, Secretary General of Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Attires

Fuji Maru leaves Malaysia and heads to Thailand...

There are various attires that are worn by Participating Youths during the different activities of SSEAYP. 

Let us introduce you to our Singapore Contingent's fashionable, trendy and colourful Attires!

Attire A1

Attire A2

Attire B (National Costume) 

 Chinese Ethnic Costume

Malay Ethnic Costume

Indian Ethnic Costume

Peranakan Ethnic Costume

Attire C: 

Attire D (Sports Attire)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Apa Kabar Malaysia!

Fuji Maru berthed at West Port, Port Klang, Malaysia!

After lunch today, Participating Youths (PYs) set off for our Institutional Visits with our respective Discussion Groups.

[DG1. Corporate Social Contributions] visited HSBC
[DG2. Cross-cultural Understanding Promotion] visited Jabatan Perpaduan Dan Integrasi
[DG3. Environment (Climate Change)] visited Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
[DG4. Food Culture / Food and Nutrition Education] visited Nutrition Society of Malaysia
[DG5. Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS)] & [DG6. International Relations (Japan-ASEAN
Cooperation)] visited University Malaya
[DG7. School Education] visited Federal Teritory of Putrajaya, Education Department
[DG8. Youth Development] visited Rakan Muda (Young Friend Awards)

In the evening, PYs interacted with Local Youths at University Putra Malaysia before returning to Fuji Maru.

SPY10s will meet Deputy Minister for Youth & Sports at the Luncheon and Welcome Ceremony tomorrow and our homestay!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Discussion Programme

An important activity on board Fuji Maru is the Discussion Programme. Even before SPY10s departed from Singapore, we have all submitted our individual assignments as well as contingent assignments for the respective Discussion Groups.

The Discussion Programme Steering Committee had its first meeting on 4 November 2010. The Committee ensures the smooth operation of the Discussion Programme and the Post-Programme Session. It comprises 43 members: the Administrator, the Deputy Administrator, 3 Administrative staff, 8 Facilitators, 3 National Leaders and 27 elected Participating Youth (PY) Steering Committee members (one PY from each contingent and two PYs from each Discussion Group. SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent will be represented by Yoong Kheong.

During our Pre-Departure Training, the Discussion Committee acted as facilitators to the discussion on the 8 different Discussion Themes. The themes are Corporate Social Contribution; Cross-cultural Understanding Promotion (or more affectionately called, C-cup), Food Culture/Food and Nutritional Education, School Education, Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS), Youth Development, International Relations (Japan-ASEAN Cooperation) and Environment (Climate Change).

We had our Discussion Programme (Group Discussion I) today on 7 November 2010!

Now let's check out our Discussion Committee photo shoot at the Esplanade:

Dayanaa (Secretary), Sijie, Rehana & Yoong Kheong (Chairman)

During SSEAYP, Dayanaa will be presenting on "Youth Participation in Social Activities" at the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit; Sijie will be presenting on "Environment (Climate Change)"; Rehana will be presenting on "Current Youth Situation in Singapore" and Yoong Kheong will do a Country Presentation on Singapore during the Port-of-Call at Singapore.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent boards Fuji Maru

SPY10s had our last breakfast at the National Youth Center (NYC). We are so going to miss the one-man-one-room accomodation at the NYC.

In the afternoon, we headed to Yokohama Port, where the majestic Fuji Maru awaits us.

Today we board the Fuji Maru (some call it the Love Ship)!

After getting ourselves oriented to the various venues within Fuji Maru, we enjoyed our first dinner on this ship, which we will be our home for the next few weeks...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Singapore Exhibition Booth @ Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit 2010

A day earlier, SPY10s checked in at the National Youth Center, Tokyo after our short but memorable homestay programme. We then had an interaction session with the Local Youths as part of the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit (JAYLS). We underwent an Orientation and also some Discussion Group Activity.

Today, as part of the JAYLS, we have the Japan-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Programme. For Cultural Performance, SPY10s (Jed, Patrick, Yoong Kheong, Wei Siang, Yu Hua, Sin Yan, Rheea, Jun Yi, Priscilla and Rehana) did a contemporary dance to the tune of Everyone (the official Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games 2010 theme song).

After which, we set up our Singapore Exhibition Booth to showcase the richness and the uniqueness of Singapore! The spectacular display couldn't be possible without our creative and dedicated Exhibition Committee!

Take a look at our Exhibition Committee Photo shoot at the National Museum of Singapore:

Rheea, Jeane, Weiwen (Chairman), Priscilla & Dewi (Secretary)

And this is how our Singapore Exhibition Booth will look like (Photos taken from our Pre-Departure Concert Exhibition Booth):

The drawings at the bottom of the banners are all mouse-drawn by Rheea

Table display taken charge by Priscilla

Contents and Photos carefully researched and sourced by the Committee

 The Tikam Game was brought around the exhibition hall to draw crowds to the Singapore booth. SPY10s also did a flash mob dance to the tune of "Singapore Town" as a surprise element to create awareness and attract youths to our booth!

The Tikam Game - Dewi's baby!
Not forgetting the delicious Kachang Putih & Singapore food by Jeane!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inauguration Ceremony for SSEAYP 2010

The Tokyo tour was awesome! SPY10s went for sightseeing and a shopping spree, grabbing whatever cute and sweet souvenirs for all our families and friends.

Early today, the various Discussion Groups went to our respective institutional visits!

[DG1. Corporate Social Contributions] visited Pasona Group Inc.
[DG2. Cross-cultural Understanding Promotion] visited HIPPO Family Club - Institute for Language
Experience, Experiment & Exchange
[DG3. Environment (Climate Change)] visited FoE Japan - International Environmental NGO
[DG4. Food Culture / Food and Nutrition Education] visited Tokyo Kasei University
[DG5. Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS)] visited Base for Raising AIDS Awareness for Tokyo Teens
[DG6. International Relations (Japan-ASEAN Cooperation)] visited Development Education Association and Research Center (DEAR)
[DG7. School Education] visited Takashimadaira Network for the Future (TNF)
[DG8. Youth Development] visited The National Council of YMCAs of Japan

In the evening, we had our Inauguration Ceremony! This officially marks the start of our wonderful SSEAYP 2010 journey!

The Welcome Reception followed next.

SPY10s rest for the night and look forward to our Local Programme at the various Prefectures. We would be homestaying at the Prefectures based on our Solidarity Group (SG) groupings:

SG-A: Iwate Prefecture
SG-B: Fukushima Prefecture
SG-C: Ishikawa Prefecture
SG-D: Nagano Prefecture
SG-E: Gifu Prefecture
SG-F: Nara Prefecture
SG-G: Wakayama Prefecture
SG-H: Tokushima Prefecture
SG-I: Kochi Prefecture
SG-J: Hakodate City
SG-K: Kobe City

Monday, October 25, 2010

Konichiwa Japan!

SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent has touched down at the Narita International Airport of Japan safely and excitedly. Never mind the 7-hour flight, SPY10s will check into New Otani Hotel and anticipate the Tokyo tour tomorrow!

Our Homestay Representatives Jon and Margaret also joined us in the flight to Tokyo. They have been homestay families to SSEAYP for more than 10 years and would be enjoying their trip to Japan.

Stay tuned to our Blog for updates!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Handing Over Ceremony for SSEAYP 2010 cum Briefing for New Host Families

2 days before SPY10s leave for Japan, on 23 October 2010, we found ourselves back at Eunos Community Club to do the final sealing of our logistics boxes.

Dewi: "How much are you offering to buy this carton?"

Patrick: "Hope they tip me for this!"

Sherry: "I'm drowning in this symphony of clear tapes and shifting of boxes."

Vania: "Encore! Encore!"

Jed: "Are we not taking our photo here?"

Yoong Kheong: "That's our Survival Handbook aka Info Booklet aka 'Little Red Book'!"
Rehana: "Hmmm, where's the red?"

Rheea: "Tag me on my namecard k?"

Zatan: "Mummy asked me to bring more lah..."

Jun Yi & Dayanaa: "Oh, where's the Photographer?"

Fairuz: "I'm using the latest reflection technology to capture you girls..."

At about 3pm, SPY10s made our way to Simsville, where the Handing Over Ceremony for SSEAYP 2010 cum Briefing for New Host Families was held.

Patrick: "Sorry, talked too much and mouth is cramping now..."

Jiale: "Hey, is this group photo for girls only?"

"Left, Left, your Left, Right!"

Khamsiah: "Hey, this person here resembles me, doesn't it?"

Patrick: "Let me show you my favourite ring file of documents."

Dewi: "Ethel, your hair is tickling my face~"

Fizah: "Yay! I got a Love Letter!"

SSEAYP International Singapore President William Cheong gives a speech

William: "With this flag, comes great responsibility!"

Desmond: "Yes, the responsibility is really heavy!"

Youth Leader Zatan gives a response speech

SPY10s with our epic cheer~

And for the first time, SPY10s recited our pledge to commit ourselves to the SSEAYP programme.

SPY10s with SIS President

SPY10s with SIS Board Members

SPY10s with New Host Families

Patrick: "Oh, you want an encore as well?"

Sherefudin: "Yeah! One day I'm going to put this up on the moon!"

SIS Director (Homestay) gives a briefing

Wei Siang: "I get it~"

Jed: "Where do I sign on this form to keep my hair?

Our lovely Logo Collar Pin

Fizah: "Trying to get fresh on me?"