Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What is a SSEAYP culture without a SSEAYP language? During the SSEAYP voyage, some terms and abbreviations are frequently used.

The SPYs shall begin to use the SSEAYP lingo in our PDT sessions!

1. Word Abbreviation

NL - National Leader
YL - Youth Leader
AYL - Assistant Youth Leader
OBSC - On Board Ship Cruise (Alumni Rep from each country)
LO - Liaison Officer
PY - Participating Youth
SG - Solidarity Group
CA - Club Activities
SIS - SSEAYP International Singapore
SSEAYP - Ship for South East Asian and Japan Youth Program
LY - Local Youth
RC - Reception Committee
GL - Group Leader
SIGA - SSEAYP International General Assembly
POC - Port of Call
PDT - Pre Departure Training
PDC - Pre Departure Concert
ROB - Reunion on Board
YLS - Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit

2. Contingent Name Abbreviation

BPY - Brunei Participating Youth
CPY - Cambodia Participating Youth
IPY - Indonesia Participating Youth
JPY - Japan Participating Youth
LPY - LAO Participating Youth
MAPY - Malaysia Participating Youth
MYPY - Myanmar Participating Youth
PPY - Philippines Participating Youth
SPY - Singapore Participating Youth
TPY - Thailand Participating Youth
VPY - Vietnam Participating Youth

Important terms commonly used on board during the Programme

Port of Call = Countries to be visited
Assembly Point = Assemble before the Program begins
Courtesy Call = Visit as a sign of respect to the host
Embarkation Point = The last country visited

Welcome Ceremony = Arrival Ceremony
Send Off Ceremony = Farewell Ceremony

Morning Assembly = Morning gathering
Morning Exercise = Morning work out

Night Call = Sleeping time announcement
Morning Call =Good morning announcement

Flag Hoisting = Raising of Country Flag Ceremony

Open Ship = A Ceremony where the ship is open to the public

Welcome Dinner = Dinner Reception hosted by Minister

Home stay = Foster Child Program
Home stay Matching = The handing over of foster child to their foster parents

Voluntary Activities = Spare time activity on board

Night Patrol = Night surveillance by NL

National Presentation = Cultural Night for every country on the eve of the POC

Reunion Dinner = Dinner for all SSEAYP Alumni members on board


  1. Hello ^ ^

    May I add more abbreviations? ^ ^
    DG : Discussion Group
    DF : Discussion Facilitator

    Thank you ^ ^
    Iche/ Risye IPY2004, DF2010

  2. may i add sg X.. this group belongs to those who are always sneaking out during night time. hehehe-PPY 04