Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unveiling the Official Logo for 37th SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent

Key Inspiration
  • Magazine Outlook/ Fonts
  • Fuji Maru Ship
  • Unique & Distinct - Spiral Waves
  • Japan/SEA – Green land and Blue sea
  • Youthful & Vibrant Core Colours – Green/Blue

Core Imagery – Fuji Maru
  • A frontal view of a ship is the main design of this logo, and it represents the Fuji Maru which is home & ever present in our SSEAYP journey.
  • The Fuji Maru is bringing all of us youth from Southeast Asian countries and Japan together, and it helps to promote international relations between participating countries.
  • In the design, the ship is centrally located which represents how the Fuji Maru is ever present, and even in turbulent times the Fuji Maru exists to promote mutual understanding, and continuous friendship among the diverse participants.
  • It is like the anchor that holds all of our international friendships together.

Core Imagery – Spiral Waves
  • The spiral waves represent the sea and the wave that will bring us across South East Asia and Japan. It also represents the wave of people and friendships that will come rushing towards us throughout the programme.
  • A wave is not discriminatory and it will be swept by everything in its path regardless of race, language, religion, nationality, age and background. It is a reminder that we are in this together and only together will we make it a resounding success.
  • In addition to that, it is also a reflection of how Singapore has its roots as a migrant nation and till today, still continues to welcome migrants to our shores. The waves are a reminder of how our forefathers left their homeland and came to our shores by sea.
  • Incidentally, Singapore is also known to be a Garden City. As such, the waves can also be seen to be spiral flowers sprouting outwards. These flowers represent the passionate bloom of youth and the beauty and promise that each of us hold within us as PYs on SSEAYP.
  • Unique and distinct waves representing harmony amidst individuality & diversity. This also represents the various ethnic societies of Singapore.
  • The 11 spiral waves also represent the ten Southeast Asian countries & Japan.

Concept: Sherry, Dayanaa, Siti, Ethel, Shere, Weiwen, Wei Siang, Jed.
Design: Jed Senthil.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Briefing Session for PDT

SPYs met officially for the first time at the Briefing Session for the Pre-Departure Training, conducted by the National Youth Council, SSEAYP International Singapore as well as the SSEAYP 2010 Orientation Committee. The session was held at the National Youth Council Conferene Room.

Within hours, the SPYs confirmed the Contingent Logo (designed by Jed), Attire A1 and A2, as well as the Bowling Teams for SIS Annual Bowling Tournament 2010.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Choosing our Wardrobe

In the SSEAYP, there is a particular attire for every activity on board and in the country programmes. The attire is categorised into various codes:

A1 - Uniform (for Courtesy Call, ceremonies and other formal occasions)
A2 - Uniform, without Jacket (for Courtesy Call, ceremonies and other formal occasions)

B - National Dress or Suit (for Receptions, etc)

C1 - Smart Casual (for Institutional visits/homestays, etc)
C2 - Casual (for Institutional visits/homestays, etc)

D - Sporty (for Exercise, etc)

Now is the time for SPYs to choose their wardrobe!

Lounge Suit for Attire A1: Two buttons?

Pockets - To include or exclude?

Back view of Lounge Suit

Colour for Lounge Suit?

How about the shirt designs?

or keep it plain?

Attire A1 - Tie design for Males? Scarf for Females?

Attire A2 - Mandarin Collar?

Come 22 July 2010, the SPYs shall make our decision!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


What is a SSEAYP culture without a SSEAYP language? During the SSEAYP voyage, some terms and abbreviations are frequently used.

The SPYs shall begin to use the SSEAYP lingo in our PDT sessions!

1. Word Abbreviation

NL - National Leader
YL - Youth Leader
AYL - Assistant Youth Leader
OBSC - On Board Ship Cruise (Alumni Rep from each country)
LO - Liaison Officer
PY - Participating Youth
SG - Solidarity Group
CA - Club Activities
SIS - SSEAYP International Singapore
SSEAYP - Ship for South East Asian and Japan Youth Program
LY - Local Youth
RC - Reception Committee
GL - Group Leader
SIGA - SSEAYP International General Assembly
POC - Port of Call
PDT - Pre Departure Training
PDC - Pre Departure Concert
ROB - Reunion on Board
YLS - Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit

2. Contingent Name Abbreviation

BPY - Brunei Participating Youth
CPY - Cambodia Participating Youth
IPY - Indonesia Participating Youth
JPY - Japan Participating Youth
LPY - LAO Participating Youth
MAPY - Malaysia Participating Youth
MYPY - Myanmar Participating Youth
PPY - Philippines Participating Youth
SPY - Singapore Participating Youth
TPY - Thailand Participating Youth
VPY - Vietnam Participating Youth

Important terms commonly used on board during the Programme

Port of Call = Countries to be visited
Assembly Point = Assemble before the Program begins
Courtesy Call = Visit as a sign of respect to the host
Embarkation Point = The last country visited

Welcome Ceremony = Arrival Ceremony
Send Off Ceremony = Farewell Ceremony

Morning Assembly = Morning gathering
Morning Exercise = Morning work out

Night Call = Sleeping time announcement
Morning Call =Good morning announcement

Flag Hoisting = Raising of Country Flag Ceremony

Open Ship = A Ceremony where the ship is open to the public

Welcome Dinner = Dinner Reception hosted by Minister

Home stay = Foster Child Program
Home stay Matching = The handing over of foster child to their foster parents

Voluntary Activities = Spare time activity on board

Night Patrol = Night surveillance by NL

National Presentation = Cultural Night for every country on the eve of the POC

Reunion Dinner = Dinner for all SSEAYP Alumni members on board

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Logo Designs for SSEAYP Singapore Contingent 2010

Our artistic SPYs have come up with a few logo designs for SSEAYP Singapore Contingent 2010. Fellow SPYs, it's time to crack your head and choose the logo that best represents us!

Click on the images to expand them.