Sunday, May 29, 2016

SSEAYP Singapore's Alumni elects new term SIS Executive Board members

Former Singapore Participating Youths (PYs) convened at the 2nd Biennial General Meeting of the SSEAYP International Singapore (SIS), since the alumni body was registered as a society in 2014, on 28 May 2016 at

In the most keenly contested election, a total of 33 former PYs stood forward to serve in the 21-seat SIS Executive Board.

SPY10 Jed introducing himself as a candidate


Presenting the 2nd Term SSEAYP International Singapore Executive Board:
President - Gerald Tang (PY2007)
1st Deputy President - Yacob Hussain (PY1992, NL2003)
2nd Deputy President - Kelvin Lai (PY1996)
Secretary-General - Noormah Bte Azizi (PY2014)
Deputy Secretary-General - Melisa Wong (PY2013)
Treasurer - Zuraimi Abdul Basheer (NL2015)
Deputy Treasurer - William Cheong (PY1985, NL2006)
Director, Training & Development - Muhammad Hafidz (PY1995, OBSC2011)
Deputy Director, Training & Development - Teo Eng Soon (PY2011)
Director, Grant Management - Dawn Pereira (PY2002)
Deputy Director, Grant Management - Teo Eng Soon (PY2011)
Director, Corporate Communications - Andy Iskandar (PY2005, OBSC2014)
Deputy Director, Corporate Communications - Abdillah Zamzuri (PY2007)
Director, Alumni Affairs - Zatan Tan (PY2010)
Deputy Director, Alumni Affairs - Jed Senthil (PY2010)

Deputy Director, Alumni Affairs - Rachel How (PY2014)
Director, Social Contribution Activities - Muhammad Riduan (PY2012)
Deputy Director, Social Contribution Activities - Lin Yen (PY2012)
Director, International Affairs - Imhar Said (PY1984, NL1999)
Deputy Director, International Affairs - Ronald Teo (PY2000)
Director, Homestay - Desmond Yew (PY2008, OBSC2015)
Deputy Director, Homestay - Shih Shun (PY2013)

Big thanks to the 1st term SIS Executive Board members and congratulations to the new term!

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