Friday, July 16, 2010

Choosing our Wardrobe

In the SSEAYP, there is a particular attire for every activity on board and in the country programmes. The attire is categorised into various codes:

A1 - Uniform (for Courtesy Call, ceremonies and other formal occasions)
A2 - Uniform, without Jacket (for Courtesy Call, ceremonies and other formal occasions)

B - National Dress or Suit (for Receptions, etc)

C1 - Smart Casual (for Institutional visits/homestays, etc)
C2 - Casual (for Institutional visits/homestays, etc)

D - Sporty (for Exercise, etc)

Now is the time for SPYs to choose their wardrobe!

Lounge Suit for Attire A1: Two buttons?

Pockets - To include or exclude?

Back view of Lounge Suit

Colour for Lounge Suit?

How about the shirt designs?

or keep it plain?

Attire A1 - Tie design for Males? Scarf for Females?

Attire A2 - Mandarin Collar?

Come 22 July 2010, the SPYs shall make our decision!

1 comment:

  1. Dear All PYs

    Take a good look of the fabric. We shall make decision on 22 Jul or 24 Jul 10.

    As for color, likely we shall go for black for all & with pocket.

    Male - tie, Female - scarf.

    COlor for Muslim female PYs - color of head dress - decide on 22 Jul or 24 Jul 10.

    A1 - Shirt with tie
    A2 - Mandarin colar shirt

    We do not wish to spend much time in choosing fabric. So please make your choice in mind & when we meet, we will decide by majority.