Sunday, November 7, 2010

Discussion Programme

An important activity on board Fuji Maru is the Discussion Programme. Even before SPY10s departed from Singapore, we have all submitted our individual assignments as well as contingent assignments for the respective Discussion Groups.

The Discussion Programme Steering Committee had its first meeting on 4 November 2010. The Committee ensures the smooth operation of the Discussion Programme and the Post-Programme Session. It comprises 43 members: the Administrator, the Deputy Administrator, 3 Administrative staff, 8 Facilitators, 3 National Leaders and 27 elected Participating Youth (PY) Steering Committee members (one PY from each contingent and two PYs from each Discussion Group. SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent will be represented by Yoong Kheong.

During our Pre-Departure Training, the Discussion Committee acted as facilitators to the discussion on the 8 different Discussion Themes. The themes are Corporate Social Contribution; Cross-cultural Understanding Promotion (or more affectionately called, C-cup), Food Culture/Food and Nutritional Education, School Education, Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS), Youth Development, International Relations (Japan-ASEAN Cooperation) and Environment (Climate Change).

We had our Discussion Programme (Group Discussion I) today on 7 November 2010!

Now let's check out our Discussion Committee photo shoot at the Esplanade:

Dayanaa (Secretary), Sijie, Rehana & Yoong Kheong (Chairman)

During SSEAYP, Dayanaa will be presenting on "Youth Participation in Social Activities" at the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit; Sijie will be presenting on "Environment (Climate Change)"; Rehana will be presenting on "Current Youth Situation in Singapore" and Yoong Kheong will do a Country Presentation on Singapore during the Port-of-Call at Singapore.

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