Monday, November 1, 2010

Singapore Exhibition Booth @ Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit 2010

A day earlier, SPY10s checked in at the National Youth Center, Tokyo after our short but memorable homestay programme. We then had an interaction session with the Local Youths as part of the Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit (JAYLS). We underwent an Orientation and also some Discussion Group Activity.

Today, as part of the JAYLS, we have the Japan-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Programme. For Cultural Performance, SPY10s (Jed, Patrick, Yoong Kheong, Wei Siang, Yu Hua, Sin Yan, Rheea, Jun Yi, Priscilla and Rehana) did a contemporary dance to the tune of Everyone (the official Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games 2010 theme song).

After which, we set up our Singapore Exhibition Booth to showcase the richness and the uniqueness of Singapore! The spectacular display couldn't be possible without our creative and dedicated Exhibition Committee!

Take a look at our Exhibition Committee Photo shoot at the National Museum of Singapore:

Rheea, Jeane, Weiwen (Chairman), Priscilla & Dewi (Secretary)

And this is how our Singapore Exhibition Booth will look like (Photos taken from our Pre-Departure Concert Exhibition Booth):

The drawings at the bottom of the banners are all mouse-drawn by Rheea

Table display taken charge by Priscilla

Contents and Photos carefully researched and sourced by the Committee

 The Tikam Game was brought around the exhibition hall to draw crowds to the Singapore booth. SPY10s also did a flash mob dance to the tune of "Singapore Town" as a surprise element to create awareness and attract youths to our booth!

The Tikam Game - Dewi's baby!
Not forgetting the delicious Kachang Putih & Singapore food by Jeane!


  1. i'm not secretary, dewi is!! :p

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