Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sports & Club Activity Committee

Fuji Maru leaves Thailand for Indonesia!

During our Pre-Departure Training sessions, the Sports & Club Activity Committee conducts sports, teach us on new wacky cheers, and introduce various club activities to us. Club Activities on board Fuji Maru aim to promote spontaneous communication among the PYs in pursuit of their common hobbies and interests. 

During SSEAYP, there is a Club Activity Sub-Committee, comprising 33 members: one Participating Youth (PY) from each contingent and 2 PYs from each Solidarity Group (SG). The Club Activity Sub-Committee shall decide the following matters and manage its operation:

  • To decide the numbers of the clubs to be set up as well as the time schedule and their activities, based on the applications submitted by PYs.
  • To reserve the room/place for each club activity.
  • To design the procedure of the final presentation given by each club.

Fizah will represent the Singapore Contingent in the Sub-Committee.

And introducing these sporty peepz from the Singapore Contingent's Sports & Club Activity Committee:

Khamsiah, Fizah (Chairperson), Fairuz (Secretary)

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