Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inauguration Ceremony for SSEAYP 2010

The Tokyo tour was awesome! SPY10s went for sightseeing and a shopping spree, grabbing whatever cute and sweet souvenirs for all our families and friends.

Early today, the various Discussion Groups went to our respective institutional visits!

[DG1. Corporate Social Contributions] visited Pasona Group Inc.
[DG2. Cross-cultural Understanding Promotion] visited HIPPO Family Club - Institute for Language
Experience, Experiment & Exchange
[DG3. Environment (Climate Change)] visited FoE Japan - International Environmental NGO
[DG4. Food Culture / Food and Nutrition Education] visited Tokyo Kasei University
[DG5. Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS)] visited Base for Raising AIDS Awareness for Tokyo Teens
[DG6. International Relations (Japan-ASEAN Cooperation)] visited Development Education Association and Research Center (DEAR)
[DG7. School Education] visited Takashimadaira Network for the Future (TNF)
[DG8. Youth Development] visited The National Council of YMCAs of Japan

In the evening, we had our Inauguration Ceremony! This officially marks the start of our wonderful SSEAYP 2010 journey!

The Welcome Reception followed next.

SPY10s rest for the night and look forward to our Local Programme at the various Prefectures. We would be homestaying at the Prefectures based on our Solidarity Group (SG) groupings:

SG-A: Iwate Prefecture
SG-B: Fukushima Prefecture
SG-C: Ishikawa Prefecture
SG-D: Nagano Prefecture
SG-E: Gifu Prefecture
SG-F: Nara Prefecture
SG-G: Wakayama Prefecture
SG-H: Tokushima Prefecture
SG-I: Kochi Prefecture
SG-J: Hakodate City
SG-K: Kobe City

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