Sunday, October 24, 2010

Handing Over Ceremony for SSEAYP 2010 cum Briefing for New Host Families

2 days before SPY10s leave for Japan, on 23 October 2010, we found ourselves back at Eunos Community Club to do the final sealing of our logistics boxes.

Dewi: "How much are you offering to buy this carton?"

Patrick: "Hope they tip me for this!"

Sherry: "I'm drowning in this symphony of clear tapes and shifting of boxes."

Vania: "Encore! Encore!"

Jed: "Are we not taking our photo here?"

Yoong Kheong: "That's our Survival Handbook aka Info Booklet aka 'Little Red Book'!"
Rehana: "Hmmm, where's the red?"

Rheea: "Tag me on my namecard k?"

Zatan: "Mummy asked me to bring more lah..."

Jun Yi & Dayanaa: "Oh, where's the Photographer?"

Fairuz: "I'm using the latest reflection technology to capture you girls..."

At about 3pm, SPY10s made our way to Simsville, where the Handing Over Ceremony for SSEAYP 2010 cum Briefing for New Host Families was held.

Patrick: "Sorry, talked too much and mouth is cramping now..."

Jiale: "Hey, is this group photo for girls only?"

"Left, Left, your Left, Right!"

Khamsiah: "Hey, this person here resembles me, doesn't it?"

Patrick: "Let me show you my favourite ring file of documents."

Dewi: "Ethel, your hair is tickling my face~"

Fizah: "Yay! I got a Love Letter!"

SSEAYP International Singapore President William Cheong gives a speech

William: "With this flag, comes great responsibility!"

Desmond: "Yes, the responsibility is really heavy!"

Youth Leader Zatan gives a response speech

SPY10s with our epic cheer~

And for the first time, SPY10s recited our pledge to commit ourselves to the SSEAYP programme.

SPY10s with SIS President

SPY10s with SIS Board Members

SPY10s with New Host Families

Patrick: "Oh, you want an encore as well?"

Sherefudin: "Yeah! One day I'm going to put this up on the moon!"

SIS Director (Homestay) gives a briefing

Wei Siang: "I get it~"

Jed: "Where do I sign on this form to keep my hair?

Our lovely Logo Collar Pin

Fizah: "Trying to get fresh on me?"

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  1. i believe this would be the last post before we leave? haha