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4th Residential PDT - Mid-Autumn Celebrations

25 September 2010 marks the first day of the last Residential Pre-Departure Training Sessions at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI).

Exactly a month away from the commencement of SSEAYP, being close to nature helps SPY10s receive the necessary essence and spiritual energy for our final push forward.

The Unforgettable Bus-Stop outside NACLI

Perhaps one activity that the Executive Committee (EC) members will always remember is the EC Meeting. Although it never ends on time, the EC Meeting had seen funny, serious, boring, cheerful and HOT moments. Critical decisions were made as an EC during the meetings every weekend, before we start the weekend PDT.

Treasurer Patrick: "I don't know why $ turns me off..."
Sherefudin: "Life is so unfair..."

SPY10s held our PDT session at the Learning Lounge. First, the various Committee Chairpersons shared their updates.

Yoong Kheong: "Look up. Don't keep staring at the monkey!"

Wei Siang: "Logistics ain't as boring a topic when you look at me~"

Halfway through the sharing, a gentleman walked into the Learning Lounge and introduced himself as SPY 1979. He happened to be attending a course at NACLI and learnt that SPY10s were having our training.

The SSEAYP Spirit lives on!

Fizah: "Must edit my slides to be better than the previous two presenters!"

Fizah: "Oh! It's my turn now? 2 more hours, sorry I mean 2 more minutes, okay?"

Fizah: "Let me do a Hip Hop dance to get everyone's attention!"

 Fairuz: "Wa! Intense competition. Never mind, I'll use my secret weapons."

Fairuz: "Secret Weapon #1: A cat for Ailurophobic Fizah!"

Fairuz: "Secret Weapon #2: Who wouldn't be mesmerised with SPY10 Photos?"

Fairuz: "Anyone else wants to challenge me?"

Khamsiah: "She! She!"
Parveen: "Gulp!"

 Jun Yi: "Challenge all you want. But you ain't gonna get things done without sponsorship!"

Fizah: Yay! Well said, Jun Yi! Let's form an alliance!"

Hafidz: "Wei Siang, cheer up. Without Logistics, we can't go to Japan."

How true! Each and every SPY10s play an important role in one way or another. Things won't be the way we wanted without each and everyone's contribution.

Random Samurai: "Sorry for disrupting your session. I think I wore my hood wrongly, so I went into the wrong room. Please ignore me and continue your session."

 Dewi: "*Ignore* Lame Samurai..."

After the engaging and insightful sharing by the various committees, the Sports & Club Activity Committee organised some activities for SPY10s:

Priscilla: "Rubber bands make great eco-friendly necklace!"

Patrick: "This is easy. I can even do a rapper's walk over it!"

Patrick: "Ahhh!"

Jiale: "Watch out for my shadow scissors kick!"

Sin Yan: "Let me show you how you can balance yourself on a chain of rubber bands!"
Priscilla: "Not bad..."

Priscilla: "NL? Sure or not??"

Meanwhile, at another corner of the room, some of the SPY10s are engaged with art and craft...

Desmond: "This group activity seems safer for me to participate in."

Ethel: "Don't you think that I look like what I just folded?"

Enough Fun. Now's time for cultural practice!

Ethel: "Hey, The FUN starts now!"

Parveen: "You don't need me to teach you about bed scenes right?"

Sherry: "Kiss it like us!"

Dewi: "And just lie down comfortably!"

Natasha: "Never thought I would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with someone who disturbs my soul. SOul cool!"

SPY10s also did a belated Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. The festival is also known as Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th Month on the Lunar Calendar. It is a date where the moon is at its fullest and roundest.

Sijie: "She's tempting me! Gonna tear it open quick!" 

Mooncake Buffet!

The custom of eating mooncakes come about to commemorate the overthrow of Mongol Rule of China a long long time ago. Back then, realising that Mongols did not eat mooncakes, the Chinese rebel leaders planned for an uprising to coincide with the Mid-Autumn Festival. They spreaded the word around by inserting notes into mooncakes. 

Wei Siang: "Whilst stock last! Chiong (local slang, meaning 'Rush for it') ah!"

There is a Chinese belief that a long long time ago, there was a man called Hou Yi who was given an elixir pill by the Emperor. One day, his wife, Chang'e ate the pill and something went amiss. She began floating and floated all the way to the Moon. Chang'e is worshipped by believers as the Moon Fairy. Also, it is believed that there is a Jade Rabbit on the moon as well.

Besides eating mooncakes, one of the custom that accompanies the celebration is lighting lanterns!

Electronic Torchlight is so outdated~

Let's march into Kent Ridge Park!

Fizah: "Just gonna stand here and watch it burn..."
Khamsiah: "It's alright because I love the way it hurts..."
Fairuz: "Whatever..."

National Leader Desmond with his bunch of Chew-ren...

Wei Siang: "Chey! Show off..."

Ethel: "Jed, I'm flying!"

E.T. invasion!

Cupid's Message from Social Development Network

Ethel: "It's not good enough to be in love. You need to be struck with Love!"

Weiwen: "Call me Wei, Wei Wen!"

Desmond: "I am NL. NL is me."

As it was our last residential PDT, our National Leader (NL), Youth Leader (YL) and Assistant Youth Leader (AYL) decided to treat everyone to Karaoke!

Sijie: "Sorry, thought this was the toilet."

Zatan: "They should feature some SSEAYP songs here!"

Khamsiah: "I don't mind not singing..."

Fairuz: "I'm great with ball games!"

Fizah: "Oh yeah? Dare to hit a colour ball instead of the white one?"

Ika: "I love striped balls."

Dewi: "I also want to try!"

Dewi: ":( Catch no ball! (local slang for 'don't understand')"

Fairuz: "Don't worry, Dewi. If all else fails, you can employ the phantom ball stance!"

Dewi: "It's alright. At least I get my consolation prize!"

Desmond: "See, no age gap between NL and SPYs!"

Desmond: "I can dance too."

Ika: "NL, you're so hot!"

Zatan: "NL, let the YL take you on the dance floor!"

Ethel: "Why am I feeling so bad singing a duet with Jon?"

Patrick: "The tip to Karaoke singing is to hold the mic tightly so that nobody can snatch it away no matter how good you sing!"

Patrick: "Another tip is to beatbox through the mic so no one will dare to use it later on."

Desmond: "Let me charm my chew-ren with my sexy voice..."

Jed: "C is for charmed!"

Sherefudin: "I think we're easily more charming."

Ethel: "Let's rock on!"

Priscilla: "Hafidz, are you holding the right person's hand?"

As it progresses deep into the night, the Karaoke cabin turned into a night disco. Thanks to the wonderful choice of songs from Cupid Jiale, SPY10s unleashed their passion in dancing and clubbed until 3am!

Zatan: "No wonder Fairuz doesn't need my pillow..."

The next morning, we woke up for our morning activity. It was a trust game with SPY10s lining up in two rows, facing each other. One of us would run as fast as one can in between the lines as the rest of the SPY10s repeatedly swing their hands in front of them.

"We survived the armpit odours!"

Yuhua: "I hope my hair doesn't get entangled to your fingers!"

Rehana: "Did I smell something?"

After breakfast, SPY10s get into work within their committees.

Pigeon holes for secret letters to SPY10s

Thumbs up for Logistics Committee

Smiley face for Discussion Committee

Our Photographer Fairuz might seem like a serious man at times.

But guess what he likes to capture in his camera...

Fairuz: "Like my works?"

Dewi: "Distractions..."

Fairuz: "Let me try doing this in different postures..."

Finally done!

Jeane: "Look! I'm with Lady Gaga!"

Jeane: "Oops! I dare not lie again!"

 Khamsiah: "I simply enjoy massaging others!"

Khamsiah: "Fizah, massaging service closed for the day. Massage yourself!"

Patrick: "Did I just miss a complementary Massage session?"

Dewi: "Fan He, I'm here!"
Fairuz: "Dewi, I'm right behind Patrick in the queue k?"

During lunch, there were two celebrations held for SPY10s!

The first one was the Birthday celebrations for the September babies: Weiwen and Sijie!

And the traditional Birthday gift for Sijie:

A pseudo-kiss from Dewi & a passionate kiss from Macho Mary!

Sijie: "Anybody else sent their kisses via the birthday card?"

The second celebration was a surprise from Hafidz. A Swensen's ice-cream cake to mark the end of our Pre-Departure Training!

AYL, YL, NL cut the cake

Let's eat the cake!


Back at the Learning Lounge, Wei Quan from the International Affairs Department of National Youth Council gave a sharing.

SPY10s then awaited for the Evaluation session for PDT by Orientation Committee.

The Bully or the Bullied?

Ethel: "I'm going to feedback about this Photographer!"

SSEAYP International Singapore President William Cheong and Orientation Committee Chairperson Gerald Tang responding to feedback and suggestions from SPY10s

Certificates to congratulate the successful completion of the PDT were also presented by SIS President:

Desmond: "We've come a long way..."

Weiwen: "Wow, we even get a Certificate for attending PDT!"

Yoong Kheong: "Yay! One more certificate to add to the collection."

Jiale: "Does this certificate come with some perks?"

Sherefudin: "Argh, I bit myself!"

Jed: "Jonny likes certificates"

Jonathan: "So does Jon!"

Sijie: "Can I pin this on my Scouts uniform?"

Zatan: "I'm looking forward to a long rest after PDT!"

Patrick: "Priceless moment."

Yuhua: "One more step towards SSEAYP!"

Dayanaa: "Yeah! No more time-keeping!"

Dewi: "Mr President, you mean I can bring you home too?"

Jeane: "Dewi, let me take a photo with Mr President first."

Khamsiah: "Oops! Think I just tore the certificate."

Sin Yan: "Close one eye and you will see the greatness in the Certificate."

Vania: "Cool stuff~"

Fizah: "Eureka! We should present certificates to PYs who participate in our Club Activity on board!"

Parveen: "This is better than winning the pageant award!"

Siti: "This Certificate goes well with my Strawberry hairclip!"

Sherry: "Do I need to write minutes for this?"

Ethel: "Let's do thumb wrestling behind the certificate!"

Jun Yi: "Happy that this certificate is sponsored by SIS."

Priscilla: "Maybe can use this certificate as part of our Exhibition display."

Rheea: "Angels don't do handshakes."

Ika: "Japan, here I come!"

Fairuz: "We are so photogenic. My camera just loves us!"

We did a mini-trust game...

Vania: "Hey, I thought the Prince should be a male!"

... and SPY10s watched a video that encapsulated the essence of our PDT over the past few months.

Patrick's trademark posture - Can you bend it like Patrick?

Jun Yi: "I'm seeking sponsors in Dreamland."

Dudes, let's check out our mailbox!

The Photography/Press committee also took their committee photo shoot.

And this is the last time SPY10s would be pulling their hair out waiting for Taxis.

Any kind souls want to pick us up?

Wanted Man

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