Friday, October 1, 2010

Little India Tour - Eat Thosai with Chutney

Right after the Pre-Departure Training session on 23 September 2010, some of the SPY10s had supper at Little India. We settled for an eatery along Desker Road.

Ika: "So much good food, choose until get headache!"
Patrick: "So hungry... Oh my, am I chewing on my thumb?"

To our counterparts from ASEAN and Japan, you should have a taste of Indian food when you are in Singapore! Don't miss the naan, Thosai, Prata with the spicy curries!

Patrick: "Hey, leave some for me hor!"

Racial Harmony & Diversity: Malay and Chinese eating Indian food

Jeane: "Oops! Caught in the act!"

Try spotting "Mr Chow"

 Friendly Uncle: "This guy looks just like the Mr Chow I see on YouTube!" 

Khamsiah: "Let's go for our second round of serving!"

Khamsiah: "Hey Hey... Don't go away... Second round la!"

Weiwen: "Hmmm, if I'm too near the camera, my face will appear too big...

Weiwen: "... better to stand at the back!"
Jeane: "Nice one. I better lean back as well."

 Soon, the night was getting old. But before we left, we captured our committees-at-work photos.

Discussion Committee

Exhibition Committee

Sports & Club Activity Committee

Chapalang [local jargon for Mixed] Committee

Jed: "Did someone forget to turn the flash on?"

Sherefudin: "Yay! I have WINGS!"
Jed: "Budget airline also can fly!"

Sijie: "Which should I settle for? Let me call my helpline..."

YK: "Hello Sijie, tough question. Think Discussion Committee should meet and discuss."

 Photographer: "Jiale, where are you trying to look at?"

S-P (Sijie/Patrick) Buddies

S-D-P (Sijie/Dewi/Patrick)

Dewi and her SPY (Sijie/Patrick/Yoong Kheong)

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