Tuesday, October 19, 2010

PDC Preparation 1 - Gifts from NL Desmond

Even though the Pre-Departure Training sessions had officially ended on 26 September 2010, SPY10s still had to meet up for cultural practice to perfect our moves for the upcoming Pre-Departure Concert (PDC).

We met at the Singapore Soka Association Building, the venue for our PDC, on 30 September 2010 for our cultural practice.

National Leader Desmond just returned from the National Leaders Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Armed with the most updated information, he briefed SPY10s on details of the programme. We got to know which Prefecture in Japan we are heading to for Homestay, as well as the NL/YL/AYL of our respective Solidarity Groups (SG).

SPY10s: "Yay! After NL finishes his briefing, he will distribute to us the gifts he bought from Japan!!"

 Jeane: "I want 2 gifts for this long briefing!"

And then we started our cultural practice...

Jeane: "NL really gave me more gifts!"

Parveen: "I'm going to Iwate Prefecture!"

Dewi: "Can I just stay right here forever?"

Rheea: "Hey! I smiled for the camera lei!"

Priscilla: "No number of gifts could keep me awake..."
Ethel: "How about 4 more?"

Vania: "I'll be the good girl and start reading my script"

Parveen: "Whatever~ Let's start!"

Parveen: "Oops! Did I just raise the wrong hand?"

Sherry: "Well, when in doubt, just raise both!"

Meanwhile, SPY10s are also checking out the stage...

Wei Siang: "Let me clear my nose..."

Weiwen/Dayanaa: "Oh my goodness! Did we just see Wei Siang do that?"

Sijie: "I'm so outraged that I'm going to remove your badge!"

Jeane: "I can use the photograph to blackmail Wei Siang! Teehee..."

Khamsiah: "Jeane, you're a talented photographer lah!"

Choreographer Rizal & Rizal: "Do you know we have planted an indicator to guage your performance level?"

"It's right there at the BACK! Can't see? Let's zoom in!"

 Indicator Fizah: "Out of Battery"

Patrick (in the background): "Hello, is this the massaging hotline? I would like to engage a masseur right now!"

 Zatan: "Jeane, how did you know my shoulder was itchy?"

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