Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PDC Preparation 2 - Voices of the Children

The Actors & Actresses met on Children's Day (1 October 2010) to do their voice recording.

Parveen: "What a way to celebrate Children's Day!"

Vania: "Let me start reading my script..."

Parveen: "Sir, this line says you're going to give me a Children's Day gift."

Fairuz: "I feel like I'm in an aquarium tank, floating & floating..."

Jeane: "Why does everyone look so serious?"

Patrick: "Let me stretch my lungs by doing back scratching"

"We're waiting~"

Patrick: "30 more minutes okay?"

Gentleman: "I'll take over your role then"
Patrick: "You think your voice sounds sexier than mine?"

Jeane: "Fight fight fight"

Parveen: "They're gone! Peace now!"

Vania: "Oh, you mean this is my Prince Charming?"

Sherefudin: "Or you want this gentleman?"

Fairuz: "Shiok!"

Patrick: "Can I have the massage too?"

Vania: "Patrick, not now!"

Vania: "Director Sherefudin, can we get in the aquarium tank?"

Parveen: "Huh? It's my turn?"

Parveen: "Am I so funny? No one asked me to wear shorts!"

Jeane: "Neh Neh Ni Poo Poo! I got the aquarium tank all for myself"

Jeane: "And I have the footage yet again!"

Fairuz: "This ain't as easy as it seems..."

Fairuz: "This is easier~"

Patrick: "Hey Fairuz, didn't you just get massaged?"

Vania (still reading the script)

Sherefudin: "Such a hardworking actress!"

Sijie: "Jeane, don't worry, you're next in the queue"

Fairuz: "Let's see whose voice breaks the glass first"

Hafidz: "Unglam shots of you guys. Interested to buy?"

Parveen: "Didn't know the aquarium tank is this hot!"

Khamsiah: "And something just got into my eye!"

Sijie: "Khamsiah, need me to help you blow it out?"

Parveen: "Did I just hear 'blow'?"

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  1. Nice blog guys,,,it's so funny pictures combined with the crazy scripts....

    huaaaaaaaa,,, really miss u all,,,