Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing our Solidarity Groups from Singapore Contingent

Note: The following video was recorded prior to the National Leaders Meeting. During the meeting, there were some changes made to the Solidarity Group (SG) groupings.

During the SSEAYP programme, all the 300+ PYs would be divided into 11 groups, called "Solidarity Groups" (SGs) with letter names from A to K.

SGs comprise PYs with similar ratio of males and females from each contingent. The SG functions as the basic unit for activities both on board Fuji Maru and during institutional visits.

The confirmed SG Grouping:

SG A: Yoong Kheong, Parveen, Ethel
SG B: Jiale, Dayanaa, Jun Yi
SG C: Wei Siang, Dewi
SG D: Jed, Sin Yan, Priscilla
SG E: Jonathan, Vania
SG F: Fairuz, Jeane
SG G: Weiwen, Yu Hua, Sherry
SG H: Zatan, Rehana
SG I: Shere, Khamsiah (Kid)
SG J: Sijie, Fizah, Rheea
SG K: Patrick, Siti, Ika

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  1. Hi SPY 2010!
    Enjoy the journey of a lifetime! Congrats Desmond for being the SNL 2010!!
    Sandy SPY 06