Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2nd Weekend PDT - Bowling!

Reporting to Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre at 0830hrs is a commitment, especially when it's on a Sunday morning. SPYs gathered together on the first day of August to continue the Pre-Departure Training.

First up was an Introduction of Malaysia/Brunei/Indonesia culture, tradition, language and homestay etiquette by Mr Wan Imran Woojdy (SPY 1990).

Nearing the end of the session, we could already feel the presence of a united force outside our lecture room. The excitement over reunion of SPY 2005 could hardly be contained. They had come to introduce some group cheers to us.

Cheerleader Jamilah led us in the session.

Through SPY05, SPY10 learnt about the power of claps.

A loud BANG interrupted our cheering session. An accident occured at the road junction just 100 metres away. SPY10s quickly went over and offered help to the victims. The diverse skill set of SPY10s helped as the team coordinated their efforts to console the distressed driver and passengers.

After the ambulance and police arrived, SPY10s then left for the afternoon programme - SSEAYP International Singapore (SIS) Annual Bowling Tournament 2010 at Downtown East.

Lunch was yummy pizza...

... thanks to Sin Yan, our Food I/C, and the Logistics Committee.

To mark the start of the tournament, SIS President Mr William Cheong threw the first bowling ball.

It's important to keep oneself hydrated...

... less you become thirsty!

SPY10 sent in two teams - SPY STRIKE (comprising Khamsiah, Rehana, Sijie & Yoong Kheong) & The Minority Report (comprising Fairuz, Jed, Shere & Siti).

The teams wouldn't be able to keep it going without our wonderful team of supporters:

At the end of each game, SPY10s announced to the whole world about our scores via our cheers.

The informal 10/12 (Men-only) Brotherhood was formed during the games! Only the men get it!

After the 3 rounds of games, SPY STRIKE clinched the 10th position! Hurray!!! (Note: there are only 10 teams).

The Minority Report emerged as the overall team CHAMPION!

Sijie also won a Lucky Draw Prize!

Congratulations to Fairuz, the overall individual CHAMPION!

Just a glance at this posture and you know this bowler shines bright enough to be the STAR Bowler.

And he's none other than JED!

All prizes from the Bowling Tournament go into our Logistics and Sponsorship lists.

During the event, we also met our NL's NL Mr Cheng Chew Peng, together with our NL's batch of PYs (1990).

Friendship, Happiness, Prizes... Everyone is a Winner today!

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