Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcoming SKY 2010

There was no Pre-Departure Training on the National Day Weekend. But on 8 August 2010, some SPY10s still met at Buona Vista Community Club to welcome our Vietnamese friends from the SKY 2010 programme.

The SKY programme is an English Summer Camp, jointly organised by SSEAYP International Singapore and International Youth Centre of Vietnam. Participants of the programme mainly come from Ho Chi Minh City and get to experience homestay in Singapore. This year, they also visited Johore and Malacca.

SPY10s displayed our affection by giving a warm welcome to the SKYers. "We say Xin Chao! We say Xin Chao!..."

And SKYers reciprocated the greetings with a "We say Thank You! We say Thank You!..."

YL Zatan introduced fellow SPY10s to the SKYers before handing over the entertaining segment to Shere.

Shere taught SKYers several unique Singapore claps - including the Merlion clap (their top favourite clap), Batman clap, Spiderman clap and the Raffles clap!

The Batman clap in different renditions:

SPY10s and SKYers then played an exciting Pirate Game together. The rules of the game is simple. When the gamemaster calls out a certain action, everyone would have to group together with the correct number of people and perform that particular action.

Are you ready? yes...

I cannot hear you. Are you ready? YES!!!!

Action #1: Aye Aye Captain

Action #2: Lighthouse

Action #3: Man Overboard!

Seems like Zatan's favourite action :p

Action #4: Row Your Boat

Last but not least, Action #5: Eat the grog

A tip to winning the game: Always cling on to someone!

And of course, a game wouldn't be complete without a FORFEIT. During the game, those who did not manage to perform the action with the required number of people were sent into the forfeit group.

And the forfeit is... the Chicken Dance!!!

Si Jie and Ethel seemed to be enjoying the forfeit...

and Sin Yan can really do the butt work well!

I know it's hard to imagine how SPY10s and SKYers did the Chicken Dance right. Therefore, it is only right to show you the video!

Time for some serious stuff. Fairuz explained the design and colours of the Singapore Flag to the curious SKYers.

With the aid of a pretty model that distracted SKYers from looking at the flag.

SPY10s then did a dance to the tune of the all-time favourite Singapore Town.

Next, SKYers taught us to sing Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh.

Following up, there was a fashion show featuring the glamorous Vietnamese traditional costumes.

How could we not capture this perfect moment into image?

Look at the Gorgeous Fairuz:

Sin Yan, Patrick and Yoong Kheong also hosted SKYers to a 2-night homestay.

The next day marks Singapore's 45th National Day. SPY10s live our dreams and fly our flags!

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  1. Hello SPYs! I'm Jasper from a PPY batch 2003. I got your link in FB then visited your site. I'm sure you're all having fun. Just enjoy it while it lasts. Btw, I want to share with you the song that we sang when we were in Tokyo.

    by Jasper Ian Gonzales

    From the land of the rising sun
    Comes a hope for a peaceful world
    I hear a call for ASEAN youth
    A call for me and you

    The voice travels across the seas
    Calling people like us to come
    Let it speak with greatness
    Teach us the ways of love

    We lift our hands
    We hold our hearts together
    We'll live in unity
    Through the storms and the raging seas, together
    The stronger we will be
    As long as were together we're a home
    We are the SSEAYP family