Monday, August 16, 2010

2nd Weekend PDT - Fighter Jets & Garang Cheer

After a mind-boggling Exco meeting, SPYs carried on with our song practice on Saturday, 31 July 2010. One just doesn't get bored singing community songs repetitively. With National Day in a week's time, the spirit of patriotism just builds up in the room.

After dinner, the Sports & Club Activity Committee taught us a new cheer - a GARANG [Malay for Fierce] cheer that brought out the gusto for the guys and strength for the girls.

"Let me show you what we've got!!!!"

Mess with SPYs and this is what you'll get:

Just kidding! We're a whole lot of friendly peepz!

Dinner time is always a great moment to take a rest and chit chat.

Camaraderie building in the process....

Love in the making....

The occasional flypast of Fighter Jets for the National Day Parade rehearsal at Padang reminded us of our 45 peaceful years of independence.

Before we ended our session, SIS Director (Homestay) Mr Tay Tiong Beng joined us and shared a little about, well, homestay!

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