Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3rd Weekend PDT - ♥ Because of You~ ♥

Exco Members met at the Han's Restaurant, near Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre at 12 noon of 14 August 2010.

Ms Leni (PPY 1990) gave an introduction of Filipino culture tradition and language.

Ms Leni also taught us to sing the love song "Dahil Sayo", which translates to "Because of You" in English.

But first, let's clear our throat!

And then it's our turn to sing it out loud.

Because of you, the dedication comes easy.
Because of you, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Because of you, the SSEAYP experience is going to be magical and unforgettable.

We enjoyed being drowned into the Sea of Love, but found our way out for the next lecture on personal grooming and social etiquette, shared by Mr Zaheer Mohd (SPY 1990). Mr Zaheer and Ms Leni are husband and wife (They don't call Fuji Maru the Love Boat for nothing).

SPY10s learnt a lot from the lovely couple and appreciate them taking their time off to impart their knowledge to us.

Committees-at-work session followed up next.

Time is precious and the various subcommittees were productive in their discussions. Hence, it took some time for the subcommittees to finish sharing their updates.

Today is also the first day of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. Inside the conference room, we could hear the fireworks that were in place for the Opening Ceremony. SPY10s shall bring along the YOG values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect to SSEAYP!

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