Thursday, August 26, 2010

3rd Weekend PDT - Best Tshirt Design Contest

It's Sunday morning again. The date is 15 August 2010 and the early bird catches the worm.

The first session for the day was the Introduction of Thai culture, tradition, language and home stay etiquette.

Sharing the knowledge with us is Mr Ho Meng Wai (NL 2004, PY 1987), Vice President (Administration) of SSEAYP International Singapore.

Mr Meng Wai started the session with a "Who wants to be a Millionaire" gameshow to test our basic knowledge on the topic.

SPY10s learnt how to do the wai correctly and some basic Thai phrases.

Sawadee ka~

Thank you, Mr Meng Wai for immersing us into the Amazing Thailand Culture!

Time is precious. We rest so that we can go further!

After lunch, the Sponsorship & Contribution Committee did a presentation of the concept and draft of the Contingent Profile Book.

Followed by the presentation of our Exhibition Concept by the Exhibition Committee (or Exhibitionist).

Dr Perumal Magayson (NL 2007, PY 1983) also came to show support to SPY10s! We thank him for the support!

After staying indoors for more than half of the day, SPY10s went outdoors to work out the positioning for our gangway cheers.

While we were all pumped up for our gangway cheers, we also noticed very interesting Tshirt Designs among our midst.

Announcing our candidates for the inaugural Tshirt Design contest!

1) Hafidz, our Orientation Committee member & Director Social Recreation for SSEAYP International Singapore, came with a matching shirt to the Singapore Flag.

2) Fairuz - the no-more-mister-nice-guy. Hey! Wait a second... Was he nice before? (Oops!)

3) Fizah with her NOTHING-GONNA-STOP-ME-NOW tshirt. Bonus points given for the matching posture and the relevant facial expression!

4) Patrick the Playboy.

5) Rehana with the LOST BOYFRIEND shirt.

6) Simplicity is the Key

Vote for the sake of voting. No prizes though :)

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