Monday, August 30, 2010

2nd Residential PDT - Temptation Island

The Executive Committee (EC) met at 12 noon on 21 August 2010 at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI) for the weekly meeting before the commencement of the Residential Training.

SPY10s underwent a team building session conducted by NACLI trainer and ex-PY Ms Lim Choy Leng.

The first activity was the Scissors-Paper-Stone game with a twist. Losers to the game would have to join in the Winners' train. And the grand winner was Jed, who managed to get everyone in his train!

The next activity was Double Whacko!

Buddies are paired up for this game. Players in the inner circle are not allowed to utter names. Players in the outer circle will have to call out the names of players in the inner circle to save their buddies from being hit by the cute yellow baseball bat.

Once hit, the player would have to become the hitter.

Become the hitter more than once and you have to do a forfeit. Welcome the forfeiters: Dewi, Jed and Jiale. Task: Posing with numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Take 1:

Take 2:

Take 3:

The next activity required us to be divided into groups.

Team Performing Arts:

Team Discussion:

Team Exhibition:

Oh! We miss Priscilla :(

Team Sponsorship & Contribution:

Team Logistics:

Team Sports & Club Activity:

Bombs (Paper plates numbered 1 to 50) were placed within the rope. Only one player could be in the enclosure at any point in time. The bombs have to be defused in numerical sequence, within 2.5 minutes.

The task would have been simple if the numbers were all in one language. But they weren't.

To complete the quest, players have to exit the room after they finish defusing the bombs. Unfortunately, one team was so busy rejoicing their success in the room until the bomb exploded! Kababoom~

The learnings and observations were shared by Choy Leng.

After staying indoors for hours, it's time for some outdoor adventure!

The signboard "Team Challenge Pit" does so much injustice to the exciting experience that we would be getting. Hence, we named it "Temptation Island"!

Here's a group shot before we proceed into reality:

Briefing on game rules and safety guidelines:

Ethel's chameleon-like tongue turned blue to match the blue water in front of us:

After listening attentively to all the do's and dont's, it's always best to look at a positive demonstration on how to get ourselves safely across the deep blue sea and reach the Temptation Island.

"Wow, it ain't easy man!"

Now it's our turn to go! Team leader Jiale calls the shot!

First, shirts off guys. We need to tie the shirts together, forming a long chain to try and hook that rope to the coast!

We managed to get the pail of water safely across to the Temptation Island. For the time being, guardian angel Sin Yan will have the pail safely in her custody.

"Whew, I just want to stay in this island forever"

"Don't worry, Siti. We got you!"

The Singapore Contingent for SSEAYP is a dynamic team. You can literally see it from their facial expressions when they do their Temptation-island-here-I-come swinging act.

Some put on lovely SMILES:

Some do it the COOL way:

Some were TENSED:

Others were SERIOUS:

And some did it the TARZAN way:

As more and more SPYs reach the Temptation island, those on the coast became worried.

Khamsiah: "Looks easy but looks can be deceiving lah!"

There's nothing to fear because the team is there for us!

It all starts with a great support team, ensuring that one is properly positioned before launching off.

And then just trust the team and swing off...

Hands are ready to ensure that we land safely!

Dewi: "I just love these legs!"

The Grand Finale was the arrival of our National Leader Desmond!


But the squeeze is not all too comfortable:

Si Jie: "This is more squeezy than our MRT trains, seriously!"

Rheea: "What's so tempting about this island?"

Ethel to Parveen: "I think Rheea wants to sit down with us!"

Meanwhile, others were enjoying the intimacy...

Everyone then shared their experience during the activity.

Remember Jonathan who got Taupoked? Today, Jonathan strikes back!

Dinner was especially delicious!

In the evening, Mr Alvin Lee (SPY 2004, Facilitator 2009) shared with us some guidelines for the pre-programme assignment, Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit and the Group Discussion sessions on board Fuji Maru.

After the sharing, SPY10s went into their discussion groups to deliberate on the group theme discussions.

International Relations (Japan-ASEAN Cooperation) discussion facilitated by Dayanaa:

Health Education (Measures against HIV/AIDS) facilitated by Rehana:

School Education discussion facilitated by Si Jie:

I helped facilitated the discussion on Youth Development:

Then comes the sharing:

Thanks to Mr Alvin for the sharing!

We'd planned a birthday surprise for Khamsiah!

Some of us enjoyed supper at the nearby eatery! We struggled to find out what Gummy Bear likes, how Black Magic works and how to go around the world in 80 days!



  1. some pics were super funny YK! nice captions too! :D

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