Friday, August 27, 2010

8th Weekday PDT - World Humanitarian Day

19 August 2010 is United Nation's World Humanitarian Day, but more importantly, it is our 8th weekday pre-departure training session. Sharing our local culture to friends all around Southeast Asia and Japan certainly helps promote greater cross-cultural understanding, thereby building the respect among people of different cultures. So indirectly, we are supporting Humanitarian efforts :)

Having read so many postings on our cultural practice, you must be wondering what goes on in a usual cultural practice session. Well...

Let's take a peek!

Siti leads a group performance...

as percussionists look on...

and performers focusing deeply.

While on the other end, Jed seems to be the new King with his loyal subjects.

Choreographer Daniel showing the dance steps to a romantic performance.

The secret lies in being flexible.

Dancers practising different performance item share opinions.

The focus is so intense that in randomness, two people can be doing the same thing subconsciously.

Sin Yan familiarising with her dance steps and trying to remember them.

And fret not, the wall won't be collapsing inwards.

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