Sunday, August 22, 2010

5th Weekday PDT - Yandaos & Chiobus

SPY10s were revitalised after a long National Day weekend. On 10 August 2010, we returned to Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre for our cultural practice.

And we were not alone.

For a moment, it seemed like a dance battle between the SPY10s on the stage and the line-dance group (that happened to be using the place as well).

Needless to say, we charmed them with our elegant dancers:

After winning the dance battle, SPY10s split up into groups to focus on the different performance segments.

We have an exciting performance that pumps up your adrenaline:

The demure and relaxed phase

The gungho and macho phase

And romantic scenes that makes your heart go thumping...

High-energy fast paced dance which you will want to be a part of....

Not forgetting our heritage...

At the other end, we have an ensemble that is working hard to perfect the singing and hand movements as a team.

Oh Singapore, Oh Singapore~

At the end of the day, it's all about everyone enjoying this SSEAYP experience together.

YL introduced a new SEXY cheer for the team.

Introducing the Yandaos (Handsome men) from Singapore:

and the Singapore Chiobus (Pretty ladies)!

And look who's peeping at this bunch of good-looking people:

Stay tuned for more exciting updates~

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