Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7th Weekend PDT - Giant Monster Attacks?

~ Welcome to our last non-residential weekend training! ~

On 18 September 2010, the Executive Committee met at 12 noon at People's Association Headquarters Building.

Employing the usage of technology to aid in presenting updates

Treasurer Patrick: "Humph! Don't give you money!"

Wei Siang: "Do you know this is lunch time???"

Ika: "Why do I feel an evil aura above my head?"

At 2pm, we commenced with our first sharing by Dr Wilson Chong, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, on how to stay healthy during the 53-day SSEAYP.

Jed: "That's a cute baboon."

Dr Chong then divided SPY10s into two groups to debate. The proposition: We will not fall sick or get injured on board Fuji Maru. The opposition: We will fall sick and get injured during the programme.

The Proposition

Weiwen: "Debating is so tough! Just give me my Scrabble board!"

The Opposition using their eye power

The Opposition's backbenchers

After the mild debate and a recurring conversation on precaution, we move on to the next exercise. Brainstorm all the possible disasters that could occur and how would we react to such circumstances.

Fizah: "Better put my hood on, less the disastrous rain pours unto me!"

Fizah: "Yay! That could be one of the possible disaster! I'm so smart!"

Sherefudin: "In case of Giant Monster attacks, we have Ultraman in Japan to save us!"

NL Desmond: "You mean Giant Monsters really exist?"

Fairuz: "I mustn't laugh at NL! Control!!!"

Dewi: "Better look away and laugh! Don't get caught!"

Jeane: "Hmmm, how come I can't catch the joke?"

Various questions on health concerns were raised to Dr Chong.

Logistics Committee: "What happens if we slog too much on board?"

Dayanaa: "What happens when we get peeped like this?"

NL Desmond then presented a token of appreciation to our guest speaker on behalf of the contingent

Siti's Caterpillar: "Oh, I feel so healthy!"

Before we start the next session, the Sports & Club Activity committee taught us some new cheers.

Sherry and Weiwen doing prayers?

Wei Siang: "Let me show you what's a CHEER!"

The next speaker is none other than Mr Vo Minh Hieu, former Vice-Chairman of International Youth Club, Vietnam. He introduced SPY10s to Vietnamese culture, tradition & homestay etiquette.

Fairuz: "Jon, where's your hand going?"

Ika: "After being Assistant Treasurer for so long, finally I'm a millionaire!"

Oh, and now we know Parveen's husband's name...

Thanks to Mr Vo Minh Hieu for also letting us have a taste of Vietnamese candies!

Xin Chao!

We proceeded to do our gangway cheer practice.

Dewi: "Oops! Sorry Dayanaa. Didn't see you behind."

Cultural practice followed up next and into the night...

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