Monday, September 13, 2010

12th Weekday PDT - Thumb Wrestling

1 day after Teacher's Day, SPY10s met again at our all-so-familiar Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre on 2 September 2010.

YL Zatan led us in our energiser activity before our session. SPY10s were split into groups of 2. Linking our hands in a monkey grip position, we played Thumb Wrestling! Zatan's instruction was to achieve as many thumbs down as possible within a stipulated timing.

And so everyone proceeded on working their thumbs...

Thumb Wrestling in Office Attire

Patrick: "My entire arm is as flexible as my Thumb!"

"I'm watching you!"

"Photo-taking more important than Thumb Wrestling!"

The Fongs fight it out!

"Watch out for my Manicure k?"

"Whoever wins, take the girl"

Top Player Weiwen, carrying file and
battling with 2 players: "Let me show you what is Multi-tasking"

Parveen: "YL didn't mention we can't use our Index Finger!"

"Let's fight the Thumb War graciously, with Smiles"

Time's Up! Zatan did a straw poll and found out that some couples had only less than 20 thumbs down. He then explained that his instruction was to aim for the highest number of thumbs down, thus the Thumb War need not be a competitive one. Instead, partners should collaborate to achieve maximum number of Thumbs down.

Having fully worked our Thumbs, it is time to channel our energy back to our brains for the lecture that would soon begin.

We were glad to have Ms Namiko Sana (JPY 1997) to introduce SPY10s to Japanese Culture, Tradition, Language & Home Stay Etiquette.

We learnt to sing a few songs, including Sukiyaki.

We also learnt basic Japanese words and phrases.

Practising our Japanese language:

Learning in groups helps sometimes:


On behalf of the Singapore Contingent, NL Desmond presented a token of appreciation to Sana san!

Alright! Japan, here we come!

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