Wednesday, September 15, 2010

13th Weekday PDT - Hari Raya Aidilfitri

SPY10s were so much looking forward to the Pre-Departure Training session on 7 September 2010, which was held at the People's Association Headquarters. This is because after this PDT session, SPY10s would be enjoying the long Hari Raya break until we meet again a week later. This marks the longest break we had ever since we started our training sessions.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Perhaps due to the impending long break, everyone gave in their best shot! The performance segments were recorded on video, so that we could observe and improve on our weak points.

In fact, Wei Siang was so into the act that he couldn't shirk off his role after the practice:

Macho Mary

Wei Siang: "Hi~ See you on board Fuji Maru!"

We also got to preview the dialogue between the lead roles:

During the debrief, Performing Arts Committee Chairperson Sherefudin updated us on the details of the Pre-Departure Concert.

Photography/Press Chairperson Fairuz also talked about the contingent photo shoot.

Just when we're about to leave the place, a commotion happened due to this blurry photo...

... which earned Sijie a swollen leg!

Some of us SPY10s headed to Geylang Serai Bazaar (yet again!) to hang out.

Discussion Committee with Ika (4+1)

We had fun trying to find carpark lots. Dewi even managed to charm a driver into holding his carpark lot so that Patrick could park his car once he reached.

First, let's quench our thirst with revitalising drinks:

Wading through the crowded bazaar:

Ika caught the attention of the Turkish Ice-Cream man...

Cameras all ready to capture the "performance"

Ice-Cream man: "Try harder!"

Ice Cream Man: "Want more Ice-Cream?"

Ika: "Finally I got my Ice-cream!!!"

Rehana: "I'll just settle for Coke!"

Weiwen: "How come Ice-Cream man didn't play with me?"

Fairuz: "Never mind! Let me be your Consolation Prize."

Lights dazzle at Geylang Serai...

Dewi: "I saw you!"

SPY10s share good food around:

Janelle: "Hmmm, what's that?"

Appreciation to our Photographer Fairuz:

"I know you want me~ You know I want cha~"

Whew, let's take a breather before we hunt for food again.

Ramly Burgers!!!

Patrick: "Can't I just enjoy my food?"

A Hungry Man is an Angry Man. After all the delicacies, we're a happy soul!

We left the crowded bazaar to rest at a Kopitiam (Coffee shop). Hafidz treated us to drinks!

And this is the stall where, Weiwen feels, produced the best Putu Piring!

Jon: "Let's do a documentary."

While waiting for food,

Seems like Girlhood is gaining in strength...

Shopping bags filled the table!

... so do SPY10s!

And as the night became not so young, we headed back home. But not before we do our group photo shoot!

Jon, PDT no enough?

Jump Shot Attempt #1:

Hello Weiwen & Sijie, Dayanaa waiting for you to jump!

Jump Shot Attempt #2:

Exhibition Committee (Weiwen & Dewi) Protesting or Lagging?

Jump Shot Attempt #3:

Alright... Let's try something else...

Jon proposed a simple Butt Shot:

Fizah, it's Butt, not But expression

To prove to Fairuz that we can do Fun Shot right:

Let's just club here!

So what's next?

We have an IDEA!

It's Trust Fall once again...

Wow! Have you tried teambuilding games in Geylang before?

The 3 cars that got everyone here:

When we finally ended way past midnight, SPY10s realised they have to go to work next day...

Ika: "Think I'd fall asleep right?"

Time for a snoring good rest for all SPY10s

~ Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ~

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