Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3rd Residential PDT - Chit Tel:

4 September 2010 was the day for the photo shoot for both the Exhibition Committee and Performing Arts Committee. As early as at 9am, SPY10s from the Committees were already dressed up and ready to SHINE.

Over at the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI), the Executive Committee met at 11am.

At 1pm, SPY10s gathered at Tanah Merah Room to watch the recorded Pre-Departure Concert performance by SPY 2009.

Then, we played the Human Knot game as our team activity. Initially, the 28 of us tried to grab each other's hands...

... but to avoid a stampede or suffocation, we decided to split into two groups.

Sherefudin: "Ah... Now I can breathe fresh air!"

Dewi: "It's so cosy down here!"

The Handy Man Speaks

Jon: "We could always do some dance while waiting!"

Everyone: "Please don't release gas!"

Many foreign friends are curious and want to learn Singlish from us. Some Singlish words are tagged to emotions. So let us teach you the first word by showing you a visual example:

This is what we call a "Shiok" expression.
Example: Shiok lah!

After untying ourself out from the nasty knots, we walked over to the Hall of Aspirations for our next session.

Sijie, from Discussion Committee, introducing the first speaker of the day:

SPY10s had a Dialogue with Mr Koh Peng Keng, Director of National Youth Council. Mr Jedidiah Tan, Assistant Director (Programme II) was also present.

Mr Jedidiah & Mr Koh Peng Keng

Interesting questions were raised and discussed.

To thank Mr Koh and Mr Tan for their sharing, NL Desmond presented a token of Appreciation to them on behalf of the contingent.

And here's a Group photo to mark our great session:

Having seen the camaraderie formed within the Brotherhood, our ladies also formed their "Girlhood".

Logistics Might

Next, we performed the Gangway cheer for our guest speakers.


First Lady with the King

Angel with Bodyguard

SPY10s broke fast with Dr Fatimah Lateef, Member of Parliament (MP) for Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC) and interacted over dinner.

Dinner was delicious?

Anonymous: "I must post about how delicious dinner was"

Couple attire?

Dr Fatimah Lateef then shared with us about Understanding Culture, Race and Heritage and Politics: Building Bridges, Crushing Egos. Dr Fatimah had clinched several awards for her Humanitarian work in countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. She also won the Outstanding Young Person of Singapore Award in 2006.

After clearly defining Culture, Race, Heritage and Politics, Dr Fatimah shared with us about the Committee of Integration (COIN) in Geylang Serai Grassroots Organisation, where she is serving as Adviser. It is so named COIN, because there are 2 sides of a coin, reflecting that there are always different perspectives to any issues.

Dr Fatimah is also a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Foreign Affairs. Hence SPY10s gained a vast insight into the topic and raised several issues for discussion after her presentation.

When asked what defined the Singapore Spirit, Dr Fatimah highlighted the trustworthy/reliable and strong work ethics characteristics that define the Singapore Brand.

Well remembered Quote by SPY10s

NL Desmond presenting a Token of Appreciation to Dr Fatimah Lateef for her inspirational sharing session.

Fun group photo:

Group photo (encore):

Parveen: "Play as much as you want but don't disturb my rest"

The Guru (Jiale) then summoned Fairuz for a Taupok session:

Jon strikes back!

Jed: "Let me show you how we make Roti Prata"

At night, we checked into our Pasir Panjang rooms and had a quick wash-up. SPY10s then squeezed into the guys' room for Heart2Heart with NL. We got to learn a lot of our backgrounds through our sharing...

One Big Family

Khamsiah revived some of the tired souls with her power massage. Lights off at 3+am.

The heavy rain in the early hours of the morning gave SPY10s a great sleep.

After breakfast, mailboxes were already lined up for all SPY10s. Throughout the day, notes of encouragement and passionate sweets were slotted into the mailboxes.

The first lesson for the day is the Introduction to Burmese culture, tradition & language by Mr Myo Aung and Mr Than Htut.

Myanmar Kyak notes were circulated:

We were fascinated with the many temples that were built with Gold...

Tit Nit Tone (1, 2, 3), Chit Tel: (I Love You)!

Our guest speakers also presented to SPY10s some gifts:

Depicting: Old Palace at Mandalay in Central Myanmar

Group photo:

The Committee-at-work session commenced right after the Burmese lesson.

Treasurer Patrick: "I'm calculating the figures in my dream!"

While the various committees went into discussion, some of the guys prepared for photo shoot for our namecards and Lanyard tags.

Our Adorable YL

Choreographer Jed & Photographer Fairuz ensuring everyone looks their best!

In the afternoon, the Reception Committee (RC) joined in our session.

Mr Akira Takahashi demonstrated to us on how to collect Aluminium can strips.

RC Chairperson Jenny Koh also briefed us on the details of our local programme. Colonel also brief us on the Homestay details.

After the sharing by RC members, there is the Treasurer's Report:

Who's in Love?

Before we end the 2 days of training, we did Trust Falls.

First it was one-on-one Trust Fall, where one falls and a partner safely grabs him back to stability.

Hands-free set

And then we proceeded to front and back trust fall with 3 people in a group:

Finally, we did the 360 degrees Trust Fall.

"Ika, let us transmit our Qi (vital energy) to you!"

Patrick: "Can we play this till I wake up?"

Sijie: "Can the speed be faster, like washing machine speed?"

Dayanaa: "Where's my Prince?"

"In good times, in bad times I'll be on your side forever more, that's what friends are for."

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