Monday, September 27, 2010

16th Weekday PDT - Birthday Kisses

It is 21 September 2010 and we are about 3 weeks to our Pre-Departure Concert, where we'll be presenting our cultural performance (that will be showcased to our fellow PYs from other countries) to our families, friends, ex-SPYs, nominating organisations as well as our sponsors and supporters.

Siti: "World Peace starts with great music!"

Sherry: "World Peace starts with great snacks!"

Fizah: "World Peace begins with a cheerful smile... and a headband necklace!"

Khamsiah: "Oh! Not 'World Peace' again... Let's just start our practice!"

Siti, Performing Arts Committee Secretary, began the briefing on the performance segment:

Fairuz: "Hmmm, it intrigues my soul..."

Khamsiah: "And mine too!"
Fairuz: "Copycat..."

Meanwhile, Yuhua, Parveen and Jed are leading the practice for another segment:

Jonathan: "Coffee and Beauty go together well."

Ethel: "Thanks for the compliment!"

Hostage Crisis?

Sijie: "Hehehe... I like hostage scenes"

YK: "Jonathan, the coffee's good!"

Wei Siang: "I am enjoying my performance role!"

Rehana: "Dayung Sampan..."

Real Ninja forgets her mask

Priscilla: "These two statues look artistic!"

Jed: "Hmmm, that was distracting!"

As usual, we had an overall debrief done by Performing Arts Committee Chairman Sherefudin:

After that, we celebrated Weiwen's birthday!

Weiwen: "I wish tonight's gonna be a good good night!"

Weiwen: "Argh! I don't mean this!"

Weiwen: "Well, it could have been better if I only had the right one."

Happy Birthday to Weiwen!

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