Saturday, September 4, 2010

Loading our Stores

One day after our 2nd Residential Training, 23 August 2010, some of us met up to settle some Logistics matters. Early in the morning, Wei Siang and Ika were already at Keat Hong Camp waiting to receive some items.

The rest of us, including NL Desmond, OC Hafidz, Weiwen, Jeane, Jiale and myself, gathered at Bukit Panjang Community Club where we would be temporarily storing our stuff.

Operation Load Store began, with our Commander Wei Siang (Head of Logistics Committee) to lead us!

We went through box by box to ensure that our stores are neatly arranged in a manner where it'll be easy to retrieve later on.

Occasionally, some boxes gave way...

We also formed a human chain to speed up the operation.

And this is the result of our hard work!

To celebrate the fruits of our labour, we have our NL to do the honour of tearing open the carton of drinks.

A toast to our effort! Yam~~~~ Seng!

Back at Jeane's office, we also had a photo taken with her superior, who happens to also be an ex-PY!

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