Monday, September 27, 2010

SSEAYP 2010 Singapore Contingent Photo Shoot

  SPY10s with long hair met at Far East Plaza on 19 September 2010 as early as at 7am to get their hair styled and make-up applied for the Singapore Contingent Photo Shoot.

Those with short hair had the luxury of time to arrive at the hair salon at 8.30am. Very naturally, you might be thinking that only ladies would have long hair but you'd be wrong because Jed has long hair too:

To ensure that everyone look their very best in the Contingent Photographs, we have professional make-up artists to help the SPY10s glow and shine and be the STARS of the day.

Note the Contrast (in every aspect)

The astonishing results of the make-up were clearly shown in the number of requests from the gentlemen to take photographs.

Let's take a look at a before-and-after effect from the make-up:

 gives you 

Alright, let us share some limelight with our handsome SPY10 gentlemen:

Weiwen: "Can this be an activity for our Exhibition booth?"

Sherefudin: "Hmmm, let me study how she does it so that we could do this ourselves for our cultural performance!"

Jonathan: "Great time to catch some sleep!"

Jiale: "Hehehe, this is so ticklish!"

YK: "I gave my first make-up to SSEAYP..."

Zatan: "Does this come along with massage?"

Fairuz: "See, I'm so kind, give you a flawless face. Easy to powder."

Wei Siang: "Make me a Prettier Macho Mary okay?"

Meet our make-up artists:

After donning the radiant look, the hairstylists then worked on our hair (duh!).

Observe how Dewi's smile just gets better as her hair is getting ready

Hairstylist also interested in Khamsiah's magazine?

Khamsiah: "Okay, better stop reading the magazine!"

Jun Yi: "Wow! You mean my hair could look so nice?"
Hairstylist: "..."

Jun Yi *pouts*

Meanwhile, Sin Yan takes the order for lunch

Part-time service staff?

Parveen: "Reminds me of my wedding!"

Sherry: "Oh I thought the hairstylist was the guy in the shirt!"

Fizah: "Yay, so fun! Can I keep those clips there for photo shoot?"


Meet Princess Leia Amidala Skywalker from Star Wars

Meet Tin Tin

The tedious job begins...

Priscilla: "Just cut my hair short. Now it's easy to style!"

Weiwen: "Maybe this can be an exhibition item! Oh, never mind..."

Fairuz: "Ms Hairstylist, seems like we have the same style."

Zatan: "Erm... Do you really need two to work my hair?"

Meet our hairstylists:

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