Thursday, September 16, 2010

14th Weekday PDT - Ninjas

It is 14 September 2010 and SPY10s gathered at the award-winning People's Association (PA) Headquarters (HQ) building to continue our Pre-Departure Training sessions. The PA HQ building sits on the former Victoria School compound, which was built in 1933. For its quality restoration work and for innovatively integrating new elements within the original design, the PA HQ building won the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Architectural Heritage Awards 2009.

People's Association in the 4 official languages (Malay, Chinese, Tamil & English)

The long Hari Raya break provided a great chance for SPY10s to spend time with our families and take a breather from the hectic training schedule.

Khamsiah leading the warm-up session (Too much kueh-kueh [snacks]!)

Fortunately, the long break did not see us forgetting our moves for our cultural performances too much.

Fairuz refreshed SPY10s' memories on our performance items

The alert SPY10s spotted a "ninja-wannabe" spying on our cultural practice.

The "ninja-wannabe"

The ladies were, without doubt, terrified by the unwelcomed guest... until the real (pronounced as Rheea) ninja came to rescue them!

Real Ninja: "Yea, that's me with the hot pink nails!"

Real Ninja: "Oops! I forgot my mask!"

Thanks to the Real Ninja, everyone got to enjoy the Hari Raya snacks shared by our Muslim friends.

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