Friday, September 10, 2010

5th Weekend PDT - Blow Wind Blow

The Executive Committee met at 12 noon on 28 August 2010 at People's Association Headquarters. Chaired by Youth Leader (YL) Zatan, various committees were represented by their Chairpersons. Exco meetings allow everyone to keep track on our progress and iron out issues.

Meanwhile, the early birds were enjoying their lunch.

Fizah, Head of Sports & Club Activity Committee, led everyone into a fun activity. As she dragged people into the central pool, after each turn, everyone started dragging everyone else and soon, everyone was hopping around!

That's what we call an ENERGISING activity!

Ms Chia I-Ling (SPY 2007 AYL) came and shared about Public Speaking and Media Management with SPY10s.

Learning by practice beats learning by listening. Ms I-Ling came prepared with two fictitious scenarios. Some of us were selected to be the PYs to be interviewed, while the rest became reporters.

Question of the day arose when YL Zatan asked, "How do we respond to a stupid question?" and an someone answered, "That's a stupid question!"

The reporters worked hard to devise tough questions to pose to the PYs.

That's weird behaviour for a reporter!

It's no joke facing these mean reporters. Here's how they look from the panel's angle:

After observing the first round of "press conference", the second group of reporters were even more prepared to raise pricky issues.

The best SPY reporter award goes to Rehana for the accent she used in posing questions to the panel, while the best SPY interviewee is AYL Yuhua, who awed everyone with her convincing passionate statements about SSEAYP!

A Wacky Group Photo with Ms I-Ling!

After a short break, we returned to the room and played Human Bingo!

It was fun to find out more about one another as we struggled to fill in the boxes with names.

Someone who didn't know we were playing a game would have thought that this room was a stock market exchange.

Luckily, no one got their fingers burnt.

In fact, our fingers were so nimble that we did the Gangway cheer practice to perfection, before filling our stomachs over dinner.

After dinner, we played "Blow Wind Blow". Armed with knowledge about one another via the Human Bingo game, each Blow just gets more exciting.

The epic of the game was when someone yelled, "Blow those who have gone Bungee Jumping!" Patrick stood up alone and bore that this-is-an-outright-sabotaged-plot-to-get-me-standing-up-lor expression.

When it was his turn to Blow, the witty Weiwen did a twist to the original Bingo box that read, "I am a left-hander" and instead called out, "Blow those who are right-handers!" As you would expect, the earth shook as right-handers (like myself) grappled for a seat.

When someone called out, "Blow those who have gone without a shower for more than 3 days!" we were surprised to see a lady, among all the males, stood up. Wow...

And the phantom moment goes to "Blow those who have pets!" Several people stood up and grabbed seats but on paper, there was only one person who declared herself to have pets.

The Unforgettable Blowing Arena

After the Blowing moments, we returned to serious business. The various Discussion Groups which had not presented during the last weekend PDT proceeded to do so.

Dewi taught us why it is important to have C-CUP. Oh, why are you smirking away? C-CUP stands for Cross-Cultural Understanding Promotion!

And apparently SPY10s came prepared:

Orientation Committee Chairperson Gerard Tang was with us throughout the session, offering suggestions and insights to our discussion content.

I did a presentation on the Republic of Singapore and received feedback from the contingent.

SSEAYP International Singapore President William Cheong then shared with us about all the various discussion timeslots on board Fuji Maru and what was expected from us.

Seems like we're all good to go!

Dewi and I also had a taste of our National Costume.

To end the day with a big BANG, Sherefudin led us through the Sunflower activity.

We held on to the rope of trust. As the rope moved up and down, like a wave through us, we poured our inner thoughts to fellow SPY10s.

We all LOVE Fizah for her cute expression of feelings and experience!

It was also a great chance for us to gain a deeper knowledge about one another.

After clearing our thoughts, we leaned ourselves backward, giving our trust to each and everyone of us.

Thanks Hafidz for capturing this blossoming SPYflower!

Slowly, we pulled ourselves back. We are one big family!

As we breezed through the windy night, we looked forward to a Blowing good time the next day...

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  1. lol..yk first part hilarious!! Gone without shower for 3days..and shocked to see a lady?! Aren't I the 12th brother?! Lol (wah seh admit I'm the stinky arh must clear the air..I was backpacking cldnt afford to stay in a hostel) lol

    + C-CUP!! Haha