Friday, September 10, 2010

10th Weekday PDT - Everyone

12 days of excitement, reinvigoration and cheering at the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) had come to an end. But the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship, Respect would prevail in each and every one of us.

Everyone began our PDT session on 26 August 2010 with some warm-up exercises. For now, our contingent had already become a familiar sight to the other users of the area around Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Community Centre.

Siti got help from her friend, Natasha, to teach some of us how to do our vocals right.

She led us through some breathing exercises, before guiding us through our intonation and vocals.

The tip is to look at a single point ahead of you and imagine you are conversing with it.

Natasha left us with a puzzling quote of the day: "Patrick, something about you disturbs my soul..." I thought it made a perfect pick-up line.

Halfway through our cultural practice, we paused in awe of the Fireworks display from the Closing Ceremony of the SYOG. While everyone unites at the World's largest floating platform here in Singapore for the closing ceremony, everyone from Japan and ASEAN would be represented in SSEAYP on board Fuji Maru!

After our cultural practice, Ethel showed the ladies on the colour of the scarf for our Attire.

And here's a meaningful song for Everyone:

(Official Theme Song for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games)

Walls are down
Hopes arise
Rings of the world unite

Every child
Has a wish
To glow like the stars above

Lift our voices as victories blaze
This is the day to win with grace

Raise your hand for our generation
Fly the flags of every nation
Reaching out for that moment in our lives
Raise your hand for our generation
Living out your aspiration
Time to fly way beyond the skies
A world that shines for everyone

Be the best
Go all the way
Friends beyond the race

Cheer the joy
Share the tears
The journey remains our pride

Lift our voices as victories blaze
This is the day the world will shine on for everyone

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